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Bandini D, Oertel B, Schüssler C & Eberhardt U (2020)

Even more fibre-caps: Fifteen new and two poorly known species of genus Inocybe.

Summary: We here present seventeen species of genus Inocybe, thirteen of them as spec. nov. and two of them raised to species rank, Inocybe lacera var. helobia as I. helobia and I. pseudoasterospora var. mycenoides as I. perlucida nom. nov., respectively. Additionally, I. goniopusio and I. involuta are portrayed. The thirteen newly described species (I. amelandica, I. astraiana, I. athenana, I. castorina, I. cuniculina, I. digitula, I. globulina, I. laurina, I. lechiana, I. mimeana, I. perchtana, I. pluppiana, and I. vestalis) are described in detail, and to all 17 species macro- and micro-photographs and micro-drawings are presented. Of the thirteen newly described species, nine are smooth-spored and four are nodulose-spored. They are compared to 53 studied types of genetically related or in some way morphologically similar species. Morphological and molecular studies of types or authentic material have shown, that I. stellifera (originally described as I. pseudoasterospora var. microsperma) and I. pseudoasterospora var. triangulispora are synonyms of I. goniopusio, and I. deborae of I. pseudoasterospora. Sequences (ITS or ITS and partial LSU) of the holotypes of the new species are available in GenBank. The infrageneric placement of the new species is discussed. Detailed descriptions of the new species in English are available in MycoBank.

Mycologia Bavarica 20: 13-101

Christan J, Rexer K-H (2020)

Fungi selecti Bavariae Nr. 41

Pseudobaeospora pillodii (Quél.) Wasser 1980 – Laubwald-Purpurblatt

Mycol. Bav. 20: 154

Dondl M, Christan J (2020)

Fungi selecti Bavariae Nr. 40

Conocybe pilosella (Pers.: Fr.) Kühner 1935) – Engblättriges Samthäubchen

Mycol. Bav. 20: 102

Grünert H (2020)

Pilze – Nahrungsmittel seit Jahrtausenden oder genussvolle Nahrungsergänzung?

Mycol. Bav. 20: 1-12

Hahn C (2020)

The genus Leccinum s.l. in Europe.
Part 1: species concepts and barcoding (an introduction) and part 2a: The genus Leccinellum in Europe – an overview and the European species of sect. Leccinellum and Calida sect. nov.

Summary: Different species concepts are summarized, potentials and limits of Barcoding in Leccinum s.l. are discussed, and a combination of ecological, morphological and genetical species concepts are recommended and used in this paper. The status of the genus Leccinellum as an entity for yellow, blackening leccinoid boletes is discussed and confirmed. Two new sections are described as new. The European species of the sections Leccinellum and Calida are discussed and delimited. As results Boletus tlemcenensis is considered as an older name for Boletus lepidus and is transferred to the genus Leccinellum. Furtherly the following new combinations are made: Leccinellum aberrans (replacing Leccinum blumii, the former nomen novum für Boletus aberrans), Leccinellum rugosiceps, L. pseudoscabrum var. brunneobadium, L. pseudoscabrum f. pseudocarpini.

Mycol. Bav. 20: 103-153.

Hahn C (2020)

Rezension: Faszinierende Pflanzenpilze – Erkennen und Bestimmen
von Julia Kruse (2019)

Mycol. Bav. 20: 155-158

Jurkeit W, Seidl H (2020)

Rezension: Schwammerlsuche in Bayern
von Norbert Griesbacher

Mycol. Bav. 20: 159-160

Zick R (2020)


14. Bayerische Mykologische Tagung 2020 vom 25. August bis 30. August 2020 -  cancelled!

Mycol. Bav. 20: 161

Newly described or recombined Taxa

Inocybe helobia (Kuyper) Bandini, B. Oertel & U. Eberh. Comb. et stat. nov.  S.19
Inocybe perlucida Bandini & E. Ferrari nom. et stat. nov.  S.19
Inocybe amelandica Bandini & B. Oertel spec. nov.  S.23
Inocybe astraiana Bandini & B. Oertel spec. nov.  S.27
Inocybe athenana Bandini, B. Oertel & U. Eberh. spec. nov.  S.33
Inocybe castorina Bandini & B. Oertel spec. nov.  S.38
Inocybe cuniculina Bandini & B. Oertel spec. nov.  S.42
Inocybe digitula Bandini & B. Oertel spec. nov.  S.45
Inocybe globulina Bandini & B. Oertel spec. nov.  S.49
Inocybe laurina Bandini, B. Oertel & C. Hahn spec. nov.  S.65
Inocybe lechiana Bandini, B. Oertel & U. Eberh. spec. nov.  S.71
Inocybe mimeana Bandini & B. Oertel spec. nov.  S.76
Inocybe perchtana Bandini & B. Oertel spec. nov.  S.80
Inocybe pluppiana Bandini, B. Oertel & U. Eberh. spec. nov.  S.86
Inocybe vestalis Bandini, Weholt & B. Oertel spec. nov.  S.90

Leccinellum sect. Hemixantha C. Hahn sect. nov.  S. 123
Leccinellum sect. Calida C. Hahn sect. nov.  S. 123
Leccinellum tlemcenense (Maire) C. Hahn comb. nov.  S. 138
Leccinellum aberrans (J. Blum) C. Hahn comb. nov.  S. 142
Leccinellum pseudoscabrum var. brunneobadium (J. Blum) C. Hahn comb. nov.  S. 145
Leccinellum pseudoscabrum f. pseudocarpini (J. Blum) C. Hahn comb. nov.  S. 145
Leccinellum rugosiceps (Peck) C. Hahn comb. nov.  S. 146

Mycol. Bav. 20: 162