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Christan, J., Hussong, A., Dondl, M. (2019)

Contribution to the family Psathyrellaceae: Coprinopsis canoceps, Psathyrella dunensis, Psathyrella fibrillosa and Psathyrella magnispora.

Summary: Described are Coprinopsis canoceps, Psathyrella dunensis, Psathyrella fibrillosa, and Psathyrella magnispora, four species of the family of the Psathyrellaceae. Additionally to macroscopical and microscopical details also their present distribution in Bavaria are

Mycol. Bav. 19: 25-48
Dünzl, G. (2019)

Rezension: Holzbestimmung mit dem Mikroskop

Mycol. Bav. 19: 168-171
Glaser ,T. (2019)

Ionomidotis irregularis – a new discomycete (Cordieritidaceae) in Bavaria.

Summary: The cup fungus Ionomidotis irregularis, growing on dead wood, was first recorded in Bavaria in 2013. Supplemented by other finds it is described with macro- and microscopical features including line drawings. Distribution and ecological aspects are discussed.

Mycol. Bav. 19: 101-109
Gold, C. (2019)

The genus Elaphomyces - an inventory of occurences in Southern Germany.

Summary: The recently published studies by Paz et al. (2012, 2017) regarding the species of Elaphomyces serve as cause and basis for a tentatively non-representative inventory of ist occurrence in Germany. Due to the use of trained dogs, recently introduced in Germany, 14 of the 26 species of European Elaphomyces could be verified within the last five years, in addition to two variations. They will be shown and described here and their distribution will be estimated. Since the majority of the introduced findings originate from the southern regions of Germany, the validity of this study will be restricted to the South of Germany.

Mycol. Bav. 19:111-143
Gubitz, Ch., Reul, M. (2019)

Rare and noteworthy macrofungi from North-Eastern Bavaria, especially from the city of Bayreuth.

Summary: The species presented in this text are macrofungi which are rare in the FRG, especially in Bavaria. They were mainly collected in the urban area of Bayreuth, Franconia. All of them are documented by photos and data about the environment they were found in, mostly also including short descriptions and microscopic characteristics.

Mycol. Bav. 19: 49-100
Haberl B (2019)

More than just a stomach ache – poisoning with Scleroderma species.

Summary: Poisonings with “earth balls” are rare – well documented cases are even rarer and virtually not found in medical literature. In the autumn of 2015 the poison control center Munich was faced with bizarre symptoms after consumption of Scleroderma cepa Pers. (Onion earthball). In addition to severe vomiting, both the central nervous system and the cardiovascular system were affected. After extensive but unproductive literature research the question arose: are there more such cases and which symptoms can occur? How frequent are neurological symptoms, particularly visual disturbances? How severe is the course of poisoning? What types of Scleroderma species are responsible?

Mycol. Bav. 19: 145-159

Hahn, C. (2019)

Pilzbestimmung im 21. Jahrhundert oder „interessante“ Zeiten für Amateurmykologen?

Mycol. Bav. 19: 1-9
Hahn, C. (2019)

Fungi selecti Bavariae Nr. 37

Agrocybe elatella (P. Karst.) Vesterholt – Sumpf-Ackerling

Mycol. Bav. 19: 110
Hahn, C. (2019)

Fungi selecti Bavariae Nr. 38

Xanthoriicola physciae (Kalchbr.) D. Hawksw. –Gelbflechten-Schwärzer

Mycol. Bav. 19: 144
Hahn, C. (2019)

Fungi selecti Bavariae Nr. 39

Aporhytisma urticae (Fr.) Hoehn. – Brennessel-Schwarzschorf

Mycol. Bav. 19: 160
Hahn, C. (2019)

Der Schwarzblauende Röhrling (Cyanoboletus pulverulentus) – kein Speisepilz mehr!

Mycol. Bav. 19: 161-163
Hahn, C. (2019)

Nachruf Heinrich Holzer (* 20. Juli 1950, † 10. Mai 2019)

Mycol. Bav. 19: 164-167
Hahn, C. (2019)

Rezension: Die Großpilze Jenas

Mycol. Bav. 19: 172-174
Manz, C., Lotz-Winter, H., Theiss, M. (2019)

Fungi selecti Bavariae Nr. 36

Sphaerosporella brunnea (Alb. & Schwein.) Svrček & Kubička - Brandstellen-Kugelsporborstling

Mycol. Bav. 19: 24
Markones, R., Wamser, C. (2019)

Ankündigung: 13. Mykologische Tagung 2019

Mycol. Bav. 19: 175-176
Reschke K, Manz C, Theiss M (2019)

Contribution to the knowledge of Entoloma griseopruinatum.

Summary: Entoloma griseopruinatum is a presumably rare species with a poorly known intraspecific morphological variability. Herein, descriptions of two specimens of this species found in Bavaria, Germany, are given. Morphological differences between these specimens and the type specimen and the delimitation of E. griseopruinatum from similar species is discussed. Further, known distribution and ecology of E. griseopruinatum are discussed. A molecular phylogeny is presented and the subdivisional placement of E. griseopruinatum is reviewed.

Mycol. Bav. 19: 11-23
Theiss, M. (2019)

Fungi selecti Bavariae Nr. 35

Rhizina undulata Fr.: Fr. – Wellige Wurzellorchel

Mycol. Bav. 19: 10