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Boesmiller, R. (2013)

Fungi selecti Bavariae Nr. 21

Phellinus rhamni (Bondartseva) H. Jahn

Mycol. Bav. 14: 22

Boesmiller, R. (2013)

Fungi selecti Bavariae Nr. 22

Sarcodontia crocea (Schwein.) Kotl. – Krustenförmiger Stachelbart

Mycol. Bav. 14: 52

Boesmiller, R. (2013)

Fungi selecti Bavariae Nr. 23

Spongipellis pachyodon (Pers.) Kotl. & Pouzar – Breitstacheliger Schwammporling

Mycol. Bav. 14: 81

Fellmann, B., H. Marxmüller & W. Schössler (2013)

Snow-bank cup-fungi in the lowlands?

Summary: Records of Peziza ninguis are reported and described from lowland localities in Bavaria and Hesse, discussed and compared with material from the typus locality in France and related species.

Mycol. Bav. 14: 53-68

Kruse, J. (2013)

Selected records of phytoparasitic microfungi found in Upper and Lower Franconia (Germany, Bavaria

Summary: In this paper eight collections of selected phytoparasitic microfungi, found in Lower and Upper Franconia (Bavaria) in May 2011 – Peronospora arabidis-hirsutae and Puccinia thlaspeos on Arabis nemorensis, Urocystis trientalis and Paipalopsis trientalis on Trientalis europaea, Microbotryum violaceum on Silene nutans, Puccinia bupleuri on Bupleurum falcatum, Nyssopsora echinata on Meum athamanticum and Puccinia punctata f. sp.galii-silvatici on Galium intermedium – are described in detail, both with photographs and macroscopic and microscopic characteristics.

Mycol. Bav. 14: 69-80

Lindemann, U. (2013)

Trouble with Tricharina Eckblad.
About a difficult genus of the operculate discomycetes

Summary: The paper describes und discusses the taxonomic problems of the genus Tricharina Eckblad. At the end of the paper a new key to the currently known taxa of Tricharina is presented.

Mycol. Bav. 14: 37-51

Lohmeyer, T. R. &Th. Glaser (2013)

Peziza badioides, a lookalike of Peziza badia

Summary:The authors present a first Bavarian and perhaps German record of the little known cup fungus Peziza badioides. It is described and compared with the common, macroscopically identical species Peziza badia as well as with Peziza polaripapulata and related taxa.

Mycol. Bav. 14: 29-36

Miersch, J. (2013)

Records of Orange Capped Mycena (Mycena aurantiidisca) in Bavaria and Saxony-Anhalt – new for Germany

Summary: Records of the Orange Capped Mycena are reported from Germany. The author reports the first finds of Mycena aurantiidisca from Bavaria along with a further record from Saxony-Anhalt and discusses the worldwide distribution of the species. The paper describes macro- and microscopical characters and is illustrated with colour plates of the findings involved. Furthermore, some taxonomic problems concerning Mycena adonis, M. floridula,and M. aurantiidisca in the section Adonideaeare pointed out.

Mycol. Bav. 14: 13-21

Schnieber, J., P. Eimann & W. Eimann (2013)

Hygrocybe roseascens, first German record of a rare grassland fungus in Bavaria

Summary: The first record of Hygrocybe roseascens in Germany is described, including photographs of the fruitbodies and microscopical features. The species is characterized by its dry cap with squamulose centre and pinkish tinges when older. Habitat photographs complete the description.

Mycol. Bav. 14: 23-28