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Christan, J. (2007) Fungi selecti Bavariae Nr. 6
Ramaria ignicolor Bres. apud Corner - Feuerfarbene Koralle
Mycol. Bav. 9: 6
Clémençon, H. & P. Karasch (2007)

Anatomie der Sklerotien, Entwicklung der Primordien und das Vorkommen von Schnallen und Pseudoschnallen bei Coprinopsis sclerotiorum

Summary: The anatomy of the sclerotium, its germination with a mycelium or with a nodulus, and the development of the primordia of Coprinopsis (Coprinus) sclerotiorum are described. True clamp connections and true pseudoclamps are present, and the «pseudo clamps» mentioned by the original authors in the first taxonomic description of this species are identified as true clamp connections with a somewhat unusual form.

Mycol. Bav. 9: 7-42
Gminder, A. (2007)

Zwei interessante Arten aus den Tropenhäusern des Botanischen Gartens München-Nymphenburg

Summary: Two interesting agarics were found in the warmhouses of the Botanical Garden, Munich: Galerina steglichii, the single hitherto known Galerina species containing Psilocybin, and Hydropus collybioides ad int., a yet unnamed species with a collybioid appearance. Both species are described and illustrated.

Mycol. Bav. 9: 43-48
Hahn, Ch. & C. Bässler (2007) Fungi selecti Bavariae Nr. 7
Antrodiella citrinella Niemelä & Ryvarden - Zitronengelbe Tramete
Mycol. Bav. 9: 77
Karasch, P. (2007)

Report of the second Bavarian cryptogamic foray at lake Ammersee/Hartschimmel, 15.-16.-10.2005

Summary: The authors present a report on the second Bavarian cryptogamic foray, held at lake Ammersee (Germany, Southern Bavaria). The joint meeting of 40 mycologists, bryologists and lichenologists involved in the present mapping effort as outlined by KARASCH et al. (2003) took place on the 15th and 16th of October 2005. Excursions led to the well known collecting site called „Goaslweide“ (see KARASCH 2001-2005 for details) and to the seminatural “Hartschimmel”-area. Altogether, 115 Bryophytes, 74 Lichenes, 5 lichenicolous fungi and 298 fungi (mainly Macromycetes) were recorded. The more interesting collections are commented upon.

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Mycol. Bav. 9: 69-76
Kuhnt, A. (2007)

Nivicolous myxomycetes from Germany (with special attention to the bavarian alps).

Summary: The following four rare myxomycetes, collected on nivicolous conditions in Germany, are described macroscopically and microscopically: Dianema nivale, Didymium nivicolum, Lepidoderma perforatum and Diderma evelinae.

Mycol. Bav. 9: 57-68
Schreiner, J. (2007)

Chalciporus amarellus in the Bavarian Karwendel mountains

Summary: Chalciporus amarellus has been found in the Karwendel mountains and is thus recorded as new for Bavaria. The collection is described, colour photographs and microscopic images are presented. Problems concerning geographical distribution and taxonomy are briefly discussed.

Mycol. Bav. 9: 49-56