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Bresinsky A. (2003)

Fungi from special habitats (5): Phragmition, Magnocaricion and Calthion.

Summary: Records of fungi from different plant communities within the Phragmition, Magnocaricion and Calthion in Bavaria are discussed. Among other communities the Caricetum buekii and the Caricetum oenensis have been checked for fungi. The database PILZOEK which has been developed in order to com­pute ecological and other data relevant for fungi is mentioned in regard to some details. It is recommended to separate Pholiota graminis from P . conissans as species of its own. The genera and species of grasses being listed here have to be regarded (at least putatively) as substrates for P. graminis : Carex div. spec. f.e. Carex acuta , Carex acutiformis , Juncus effusus , Molinia caerulea , Phragmites , Schoenoplectus lacustris , Typha latifolia .

Mycol. Bav. 6: 13-36
Karasch P., Besl H., Dürhammer O., Ahlmer W., Poschlod P. & Dörfelt H. (2003)

Fungi mapping in Bavaria (Germany) - Project, structure and future prospects.

Summary: An overview about the actual knowledge and situation in Germany and Bavaria concerning the mapping of macromycetes is given. The "Zentralstelle für die Floristische Kartierung Bayerns" (cen­tral office for floristic mapping in Bavaria) and the new project "BayFlora-Kryptogamen" are presented. Possibilities of the new internet-base "Botanischer Informationsknoten Bayern" (BIB) are explained.

Mycol. Bav. 6: 3-12
Kronfeldner M. (2003)

Perenniporia fraxinea in Bavaria

Summary: A specimen of Perenniporia fraxinea was collected in Bavaria (Lower Bavaria, Straubing) on Fraxinus excelsior. The substrate and habitat are discussed and compared with other data from Germany.

Mycol. Bav. 6: 61-64
Lohmeyer T.R. (2003)

Polypores between Inn and Salzach - interim results after thirty years. Part 6: The genera Albatrellus, Boletopsis, Climacocystis, Laetiporus, Oligoporus, Phaeolus, Schizopora, Spongipellis und Tyromyces ; supplements, correc tions and general index.

Summary: In the sixth and last instalment of his series on the Polypores of the region between the rivers Inn and Salzach (Germany, Upper Bavaria) and adjacent parts of Upper Austria, the author describes the distribution and ecology of the genera Albatrellus , Boletopsis , Climacocystis , Laetiporus , Oligoporus , Phaeolus , Schizopora , Spongipellis , and Tyromyces . The series ends with a supplement, several corrections and a general index.

Mycol. Bav. 6: 41-59
Markones R. (2003)

The first Bavarian record of Leucopaxillus rhodoleucus

Summary: The first Bavarian record of Leucopaxillus rhodoleucus and its ecology are described.

Mycol. Bav. 6: 37-40