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Bauer G. (1996)

A Bavarian collection of Sowerbyella rhenana (Fuck.) J. Moravec.

Summary: The rare discomycete Sowerbyella rhenana is reported for the first time in Bavaria. The author gives a description of its macro- and microanatomy and discusses the taxonomic position of the species and its closest relatives.

Mycol. Bav. 1: 50-52
Boesmiller R. (1996)

A spring collection of Omphalina cyanophylla (Fr.) Quél.

Summary: The author describes a Lower Bavarian spring collection of Omphalina cyanophylla, comparing it with earlier German records and a new Swedish gathering. Macro- and microscopic details and ecological information are given and compared with earlier published records.

Mycol. Bav. 1: 5-9
Christan J. (1996)

Introduction to the genus Ramaria I

Summary: The author presents the existing subdivisions of the genus Ramaria Holmskjold as proposed by Corner (1970), Marr & Stuntz (1973), Petersen (1975, 1983), and Schild (1995), and discusses their taxonomic value.

Mycol. Bav. 1: 21-26
Dämon W. (1996)

A find of Pseudoombrophila guldeniae Svrcek in the Austrian Alps (Hohe Tauern).

Summary: Based on a collection from Tyrol (Austria), the morphological characteristics and the special ecological demands of Pseudombrophila guldeniae Svr c ek are described. This operculate ascomycete, formerly known under the name Nannfeldtia aggregata Eckbl., has until now been recorded from Northern Europe, but rarely from anywhere else.

Mycol. Bav. 1: 53-63
Garnweidner E. (1996)

Hebelomina neerlandica Huijsman - the first time rcorded in Bavaria and in Germany.

Summary: First German record of Hebelomina neerlandica, hitherto only known from the Dutch type locality. Macroscopic and microscopic characteristics, discussion, colour photograph.

Mycol. Bav. 15-20
Grünert H. (1996)

A contribution to the knowledge of the genus Leucoagaricus. Leucoagaricus carneifolius (Gill.) Wasser, a rare and critical species of Leucoagaricus.

Summary: The finding of a Leucoagaricus, from Herrsching in Bavaria, is described and its micromarks are drawn. The species is determined as Leucoagaricus carneifolius (Gill.) Wasser and illustrated in colour. The determination and delimitation to Leucoagaricus densifolius (Gill.) Babos is discussed.

Mycol. Bav. 1: 10-14
Karasch P. (1996)

Stropharia aurantiaca (Cke.) Orton, first Bavarian record and a new North Rhine Westphalen gathering.

Summary: First Bavarian and a new North Rhine Westphalian record of the rare and beautiful Stropharia aurantiaca (Cke.) Orton [= Hypholoma aurantiacum (Cke.) Faus, Psilocybe aurantiaca (Cke.) Noordel.] on bark shreddings in anthropogenous habitats. Further stepping stones in a remarkable expansion of the species' range in recent years.

Mycol. Bav. 1: 2-4


Koch A., Christan J. & Lohmeyer T.R. (1996)

Gyromitra spinosospora (Lucch. & Pelland.) comb. nov. (= Discina spinosospora Lucch. & Pelland.), first German Record.

Summary: Gyromitra ( Discina ) spinosospora , hitherto only known from isolated localities in Switzerland, was collected for the first time in Germany (Lower Bavaria, Inn valley). Macroscopic and microscopic characteristics are discussed and compared with the type material. The taxon is transferred to the genus Gyromitra Fr.

Mycol. Bav. 1: 46-49
Lohmeyer T.R. (1996)

Polypores between Inn and Salzach - interim results after thirty years. Part I: Poroid Hymenochaetaceae: The genera Coltricia , Inonotus , Onnia und Phellinus.

Summary: Since the mid-sixties the author has been studying the Polypores in the region between the rivers Inn and Salzach (Germany, Upper Bavaria) and adjacent parts of Upper Austria. In the first part of a series of articles he describes the distribution and ecology of poroid Hymenochaetaceae (genera Coltricia, Inonotus, Onnia, Phellinus). Coltricia montagnei, perennis; Inonotus hastifer, hispidus, nodulosus, obliquus, radiatus; Onnia tomentosa; Phellinus alni, chrysoloma, conchatus, contiguus, ferruginosus, hartigii, hippophaëcola, igniarius, laevigatus, lundelhi, punctatus, ribis, robustus, tremulae, tuberculosus, viticola.

Mycol. Bav. 1: 27-45